Saturday, October 17, 2009

We're here!

Hi! I would say it in Bulgarian but my bulgarian is limited to chow (bye), sock (juice), bravo (good job) and ne (no)... but really cut me some slack I have only been in bulgaria for 20 hours.

So I flew out of Regina at 10:55am on Thursday. Mom and I met up in Toronto at 4:30, she flew in from Nanaimo, and we boarded a plane at 6:00 for Frankfurt. In Frankfurt we would have 2 hours to eat/find our next plane and we would be on our way... well that was the plan. We were about 3 hours into the flight, heading out over the atlantic when I noticed the little plane on the tv screen (you know the one that tells you where you are in the world) was turning around... NOOOOO... a min later the captin came on and informed us that due to a medical emergency we had to turn the plane around and go back to Newfoundland. No biggie right? an hour added to the flight... nice try it was more like 4. needless to say we missed our connection to Sofia and therefore had the opportunity to spend an afternoon in Frankfurt Germany.

As soon as we got to Germnay they had us booked on another flight to Sofia but becuase of the lack of traffic between Fankfurt and Sofia we weren't able to fly out until after 7pm... so we made the most of that opportunity and took the subway/bus thing to down town and spent a few hours window shopping, buying mom new shoes (she wore heals and was in a bit of pain), siping starbucks and taking pictures. It was really nice but we were definatly ready to get to our hotel...

We arrived into Sofia just after 11pm. We cleared customs (of course) and picked up our luggage... or should I say my luggage... mom's took abit longer to get here (it arrived this afternoon). The guy from the hotel was there waiting for us and brought us to the hotel. We are staying at the some hotel as last time mom and dad were here, Hotel Jasmin.

After a great much needed sleep we got up had a quick breakfast of cheese on toast with tomatos and we were off to pick up Aiden. The translator and driver we had were the same ones mom and dad had last time and let me tell you I was born into the wrong country. I love the driving here! they go anywhere from 100-140km/hr. They pass whenever they want... even if they are passing a police, they don't really follow the lines you know the normal non north american driving. We got to Aiden's home at 12:30 and he was there all ready to go. He recognized mom right away and he calls her momma mary... then they told him that I was his caca (big sister)... nt sure how I feel about being called caca. All the staff at the home showed him so much love! They showered him with kisses and hugs. I have to admit I don't remember much from the drive to the home or back (8 hours in total) because I slept... but there was one point when we stopped for lunch and Aiden found a hose... turns out he LOVES hoses. The gas station guy even turned it on for him and he watered EVERYTHING he could find. The grass, the garbage can, the sidewalk, the wall, the road... everything. Since the drive we've just been hanging out at the hotel. WE had dinner here and watched some cartons. and Aiden has been melting everyones hearts. He makes friends with everyone and tells them that we are taking him to canada! When we told him we were going to stay in sofia for a little while he told us taht he would rather go right to canada.

Well I should go see what mom and Aiden are up to... talk to you soon...