Monday, October 5, 2009

Thanksgiving (1)

I have sooo much to be thankful for so I figured rather than having 1 post for thanksgiving I would de a whole weeks worth of posts! Ok, my plan is to post once a day on something I'm thankful for or something about thanksgiving or along those lines. Like I said this is my plan it doesn't mean it will happen but I'll give it a go! Where to start... where too start... O I know!

I know this is a really clique one but I'm thankful for my family. I think I have the best family ever! I know lots of other people think that too but I don't know if you could top my family!

I have two parents who love Jesus more than anything else, love each other and who love all of their kids no matter what! They are suportive and they seem to always know when to let us make our own mistakes and when to step in and give us a hand. Both of my parents have taught me sooo much from how to shoot a gun (thanks dad!) or how to clean an oven (I should use this skill more often) to how to care for people who aren't able to care for themselves. LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

I have Amazing bialogical sisters who are my best friends. We, or maybe it's just me, often wonder why we are so close. is it because we are almost exaclty 2 years apart? Is it becuase we home schooled? Is it because we had to choice but to get along? Or were we just blessed? Whatever the reason I am so thankful that I have two sisters who will always be there for me whether I need a bit of extra money or if I just need someone to hang out with. I could never ever imagine life without the two people I am closest to. LOVE YOU GUYS!
I guess next in line comes Brent. How could you not be thankful for someone who is so incredibly special? I absolutly love the fact that God choose our family to adopt brent (Jenn, Karl, David and Aiden too)! He is always, well almost always, there to give you a huge smile and a hug. He's a great shopping buddy, and loves just hanging out with his big sisters. He's a constant reminder of what true joy looks like. LOVES BRENTY

Jenn and Karl... Most people thought it was a bit weird that the week I was graduating from high school I was getting a new brother and sister. Whatever it was one of the best gifts I have ever recived! Jenn and Karl are always willing to hang out with their not so cool big sister. They are great campong buddies and if you want to go see a kid movie who better to bring along? I love getting to spend time with them, it's one of the things I look most forward to when I'm home. I've heard people say that when you are adopted into a family rather than born into it you aren't ever going to really be a part of that family. I say that is CRAP! Jenn and Karl are as much a part of my family as any other member and I wouldn't trade them for anything. YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!

David, Wow! What to say about dave. David is not always the easist child, actaully most often he is the most difficult one. But then there are times when you just can't d it any more and he gives you a big hug or he says your name for the first time and you foget why you were even frusterated with him. David has blessed our family in so many ways he has tought us how to be patcient, he has shown us how the smallest things can give you joy and he has taught us how to love uncondiatianally. David may not always be an angel but he is truly a gift from God. LOVE YOU

Adien. I haven't even met Aiden yet but he has already taught me so much. Maybe not him persay but his adoption. It has taught me that God will provide, we may have to work really hard and go without but God won't leave you high and dry. I have learned that things may not happen in our timing but they sure do happen in Gods. And I have learned that God is never done using his people to do amazing things. AIDEN I LOVE YOU ALREADY AND I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET YOU. COME HOME SOON.

And last but not leas Kaila! Ok I know that Kaila isn't legally or bioloicaly a part of my family but really are those things important? I think not. Kaila has been a gift from God to not just me but my whole family. She has stepped in to the voild Heather, Krista and I left and has become a big sister to our little sibs while we aren't there. But in all honestly Kaila is so great becuase she's herself. She's not always happy when she's around, she's not fake, and she's always ready to have fun! MISS YOU KAILA!

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awwwwwwww such a great Thanksgiving post Andrea! We all LOVE you!!