Monday, October 19, 2009

A tiger tried to eat me

But because I love you all I am more than happy to share with you my adventures from today!

This morning I managed to sleep in until 9am! I was so proud of myself... this might not seem that great of an accomplishment but yesterday am I was up at 3:05am. And we all got ready and headed up for breakfast. I got cheese on toast with tomatos again, it is very good! Then we came back to our room, finished getting ready and headed out for our adventure! We started the day by going to the zoo. The zoo is awesome! and cheep! It cost mom, aiden and I all about $3cnd in total to get in! So you're probably thinking what a dumpy zoo it much have been but nope it had everything zoo's should have (except for giraffes). I have to say it was the best zoo experience I ever had! You could get within 3 feet of a tiger! Lets just say canada takes lawsuites more seriously than bulgaria becasue I could have easily got into any of the animal pens! Aiden seemed to enjoy it he especially loved the tiger and the llamas.

After ther zoo we took a little walk (really we were trying to find a taxi!) and I thought I was going to die! Not becuase of the area of Sofia we were in... though it was a little sketch. But rather becasue people decided that the sidewalk would be better used to park cars then to walk on. So we had to walk on the road and I'm not sure if I mentioned this before or not but the people here drive CRAZY! Well we decided, finally, that we should just get a bus so we did just that! Turns out here the busses are free! We got off when we saw some taxi's parked on the side of the road and we were driven to St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral. It's a beautiful church that was built in the late 1800's. Aiden was scared of it so mom and I took turns going into it. The right across the road there was a little market so mom and I did some shopping! We got a few things to bring home as gifts and a few things for ourselves. By this time it was 3 and we hadn't eatten so we decided to find a place to eat and we did just that! We found this little pizza shop that you can order pizza from the outside and they serve it to you on a piece of cardboard. After pizza we decided it was time to get some "grocery's" and by "grocery's" I mean, chocolate, cookies etc. All those wonderful things you need to bring back with you when you travel. I have to tell you about this grocery store. In Sophia at busy intersections rather than having cross walks you walk down stairs and under the road, smart eh? Well under the roads there are also stores! So yup that's right we bought our grocerys from an underground grocery store! Ok so after grocerys we got a taxi back to our hotel... There's another story but I will save it for my special taxi blog! Once we got back we relaxed a bit, went to the restarant for dinner and then back to our room to get ready for bed/for computer time. Well that is where you find me now. We're not sure what our plans are for tomorrow or for wednesday... that's my next task, to find fun things to do! talk to you all tomorrow!

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