Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thanksgiving (5)

I realized today how thankful I am for summer! Today we got our first real snowfall and I am not too impressed... I worked from 6:45am-3pm then I had to go do some arrands and when I got out of superstore it was starting to snow... by the time I got gas and drove home (20 min) it was really coming down and even worse it was sticking. Now we have a white yard :( So though I don't appriciate the snow I appriciate the summer even more now!

One thing I absolutly love about the summer is hanging out with my sibs Mom and dad got to go and meet Aiden this summer I love the beautiful sunsets on the Island RODEOS!

Going to the lake is a great way to spend a summer day...

or evening...But even better than going to the lake is going to the ocean

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