Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm soooo good at Christmas!

I know it's only November but we are ready for Christmas! Okay maybe not ready but preperations are in full swing! We have started our inside Christmas decorating

and finished out outside! Let me tell you a couple things I learned while decorating outside.

1) Decorate before it gets too cold.
2) Things (aka candy cane lights) won't stick into a frozen ground
3) If you do need to decorate when it's cold... wear LOTS of clothing

Let's see what other preperations... We have lots of presents bought and wrapped!!!! One perk? of having a big family is you get to buy TONS of gifts!

Hmm... what else??? We bough a turkey!!! We even got it for a really great price! Okay so we assume we did because the sign said only one per household... they don't say that unless it's a really good deal!

Okay so that's about it when it comes to Christmas prep for now... but Saskatchewan has prepared itself as well... we got snow. I was wanting a green Christmas but like that is ever going to happen here

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weigh Day Week 1

Down 5.2lbs this week!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weight Watchers Online Has a New Member!

So for the past month or 2 I havn't been doing so swell on my weight loss... if anything I've been going backwards. I can come up with a million and 1 excuses but really it's just that I'm being LAZY! So today I decided NO MORE! I have been working out again the past couple weeks but unless I'm eatting better I know it's not going to help much so... today I signed up for Weight Watchers online! We'll see how it goes... I'll update you in a week or so and let you know my progress... my goal??? To lose about 2lbs a week... I just want to get under that 200 mark... i've been above it for far too long!