Saturday, July 24, 2010

Time To Go Home!

I get to go to my home today! I haven't been home in over a week and even then it was just for a few hours... I can't wait!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Air Canada's Most Frequent Flyer

IN 2 dAYS I'M fLYING BACK TO BC!!! My friend from high school is getting married Saturday so I get to go home for the weekend!!! I haven't been in BC since christmas, this is the longest I've ever been out of BC. Anyways this got me thinking about all the flights I've been on in the past 10 months.
  • To and from Bulgaria
  • BC in Oct/Nov
  • Back to BC for Christmas
  • Out to edmonton to see Krista
  • From Toronto back to Sask
  • To and from toronto
  • To and from toronto again
And over the next month few months I have a few more flights booked
  • Back to the Island in 2 days!
  • To Vancouver at the end of the month
  • Back to mom and dads in Aug
  • To DISNEYLAND in October
That means I will have flown on 11 trips in 12 months... that would be why I'm so poor! I'm really thinking I should get some sort of discount... or atleast a second bag of peanuts!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

If Guys were like Girls

My friend had posted this on FB and I thought that it deserved a place on my blog!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Joys of a good Excersise

So I've never been a big excersiser... actually I've usally been quite the opposite. However I love my excersise time now. I find myself wanting to excersise longer (because of this I have changed my 45 min 5 days a week to 1 hour everyday!)! I feel like I have so much more energy, and I've really just started...I find at work I can't sit still anymore, I have too much energy to sit still... I'm going to be ADHD soon!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

You Know You're From Canada When...
  • You have Canadian Tire money in your kitchen drawers.
  • You get excited whenever an American television show mentions Canada.
  • You know what a touque is.
  • You understand the Labatt Blue commercials.
  • You know how to pronounce and spell "Saskatchewan."
  • You perk up when you hear the theme song from "Hockey Night in Canada.
  • There are more pages about Hockey than the news in the newspapers
  • You know what the plug at the front of the car is for
  • Driving is better in the winter because the potholes are filled in with snow.
  • You think -10 C is mild weather.
  • You know what the four seasons means: winter, still winter, almost winter, and road work/construction.
  • You can drive 80 km through a snow drift in the middle of a blizzard without flinching!
  • You are proud to pour ketchup on anything