Friday, April 24, 2009

Grad Night 1

Tonight was my grad banquet and Alumni presentation thing! Here are some pics:
This is the necolace my parents got me for my grad present. Kris and I waiting for the dinner to start. When we got home we decided to take some pictures since we looked so hot!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Time to Graduate!

I just finished my last exam... I'M DONE!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Heart the Canucks!

I'm LOVING the playoff season! Heather and I have been watching the games every night so far. Canaucks have been doing great! They have won 2 out of two and they are currently wining game 3! Last night when we were watching the Boston and Montreal game they played one of the funniest commercials I have seen in a long time! They are Boston Comercials... after seeing the one I had to go and see if there were any more they were and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH the bules scored... now we're tied NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! we'll get that back no worries... ok anyways there were 2 really funny ones... well I think they are funny... here they are for your viewing pleasure!

Camping attempt 1 = FAIL!

So I tried to knock one thing off my list Camping...
Heather and I were at a friends watching the canucks game with them Friday. Heather got a text from our friend saying she wanted to go camping in our backyard Saturday night... not so good for us becuase of church so instead we decided that Friday night we would go. So we finished the hockey game got home and started to get ready...
Our friends arrived just before midnight and we set up the tent! This was easier said than done, it didn't take us too long but I'm pretty sure we did it wrong :) there was one post sticking out further than the rest!
Then it was time for a fire with hot dog and marshmallows. 1 problem we didn't have any dry wood and no kindling... good thing we had an old coffee table so we took the legs and burned them and with a lot of help from the cardboard we had we managed to have enough fire to cook a few hot dogs!

After our literal mid-night snack we decided it was time to go to sleep... my goodness was it cold in that tent! I had my feather duvet and another blanket and I couldn't get warm... the rocks that were digging into my back weren't too great either. So at 2:45am I caved and went and slept in my bed... I had an exam the next day and I needed to get some sleep! turns out the other girls lasted about half an hour more and then they to left the tent for their beds... I guess we'll have to try again, maybe when I have a sleeping bag, air mattress, and it's warmer out, much warmer!

Friday, April 17, 2009

To do this summer:

I've decided that I'm going to make a list of all the things I want to do this summer (from when I'm done school to the end of August)! And then We'll see if I get to do any of them
  1. Go real golfing
  2. Go to the USA
  3. Go to Long beach, or a beach in that area
  4. Go back to the PNE!
  5. Read at least one book every week
  6. Go to a Rodeo
  7. Go to Victoria
  8. Buy a Vehicle
  9. Bring my sibs mini golfing and to the beach!
  10. Go camping
  11. Go on 5 hikes... and by hikes I mean like little qualicum falls not the west coast trail!

Ok there is my start... if I think of more things I will add them! I'll try to take pics as I do all these things and share my experiences with you!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

There might be 2 of me :S

So today I called the GST people becuase my GST cheques hadn't been arriving at home Someone had changed my address to an Edmonton address! All I could think of was the fact that my passport has been missing for months and that now someone was changing my addresses. So basically I figured someone had found my passport and had stolen my identity... well I called my mom to ask what to do I looked in a photo box I had and there was my passport! All the freating and there was nothing to worry about! Hahaha I really need to be more organized! Turns out the reason my addy was chnaged was becuase they figured that the lady who changed my address the first time forgot to sign out of my account before she changed the address of the next person... That's what I'm hoping atleast!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Taylor Swift

Heather and I went to the hannah montana movie tonight... which I have to say is pretty good! and Taylor Swift was on it! I think I knew that but I forgot it :) here is the song she sang... I love it!

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Papers are done!

I just finished my last paper of the semester!!! I'm so glad to be done. Now it's on to the finals... I have 4 of them my first one is tomorrow... I guess I should start to study for it. I can't wait next week at this time I will be all finished and getting ready for grad!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

What a wonderful day to live in Saskatchewan!

Tomorrow is officially Corner Gas day in Saskatchewan! Though this is great and very exciting... it is also a sad day as it means the last episode of Corner Gas is playing :( Here are a few of my favorite clips!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Vicar of Dibley

Heather's friend... the one we stayed with last weekend introduced us to the funniest show, or at least one of the funniest shows, I have ever seen! I'm warning you now there are a few parts that are sketcky but it is SOOOO FUNNY!!! Part one is here and the rest of this eposode can be found on youtube!

Keith Urban!?!?!?!

Heather and I were hanging out at her friends house last weekend and she asked us if we wanted to go to a Keith Urban concert... OF COURSE WE DO!!!! So the middle of September Heather and I are heading to calgary for a Keith Urban concert!!!

"and I almost died!"

Ok so today I was recalling a story from the summer... or maybe spring of last year and I decided that it was blog worthy so here it goes:

So last year heather was the youth leader at our church and she decided that it would be fun to have a jr. high youth trip... just a day to Nanaimo... it was all planned out and it was going to be so fun! So we had heather and I as leaders/drivers, Kaila and Jono as sr. high leaders and then 5 or 6 jr. highs... not a huge group but a very great one!

So off we went to Nanaimo we had a sweet scavenger hunt/car rally type game thing on the way there and it went amazingly! Then we went mini golfing... we had some sweet costumes etc. After that we had lunch and went to New Castle Island for a few hours... I really like it there... after that it was dinner and off to Parksville beach. For anyone who hasn't been to Parksville beach it also has a HUGE play ground and was going to be the PERFECT place to play a wonderful night game heather and I had planned. We showed up... it was dark and there were a few people a bit further down closer to the skate park but no one at the park. So heather and I go about setting up the game and we see that these people by the skate park are drinking and maybe doing something more... We just told the youth to stay on our side of the beach and figured we would be ok. Well the game started and the drunk people started to come closer and closer... I started to feel a bit uncomfortable so I decided that I was going to go and protect the girls so I started to walk around with their group.... well this guy was starting to talk to us... my great idea was to ignore him... BAD IDEA! He started to follow us and was getting bit ticked... he ended up getting distracted by some other people who had shown up and drunk guy #1 and #2 started to harass them... by this time we were all one big group because we were all getting a bit scared of the drunks. This other group decided not to put up with drunky #1 and #2 and they left... but not without more harassment... they were banging on their car and throwing stuff at it. Well after this car left they decided to turn their attention back to us... by this time we were all getting pretty close to the beach. Heather had managed to get her cell phone out of the car at one point... not entirely sure when... but I do remember it being a scary moment. So their attention is back on us and they are even more drunk or whatever they were by this time. They ended up starting to follow us down the beach... We start walking faster and faster and they started walking faster and faster. They are also yelling at us and becoming quite harassing... that made no sense... ok they were really starting to harass us! Heather told us to head down the beach to the hotel becuase it was all lit up and the people wouldn't dare attack us there... ok she didn't say they would attack us but she did tell us to go to the hotel. By this time she is on the phone calling 911 to get some police here to get these drunks to leave us and our 6 jr highs alone. By this time all the jr highs are running down the beach as fast as they can, some of them are almost crying and by this time we were all sure we were going to be killed by these guys. Once we were all in front of the hotel they stopped following us and turned around... the police ended up coming... they though we made the whole thing up... the drunks were gone by this time... we decided that a night game might not be the best idea and instead we opted to go home early... Needless to say I have never gone back to that place after dark and I never plan to... i value my life too much. My favorite part though was hearing one of the youth tell a friend about the story at church the next day as she finished up the story she ended with "and we almost died!" Now I look back and think man she was exagerating but she wasn't they were really, really scary, big and drunk!

Friday, April 10, 2009

How come we do this to ourselves?

So last night Heather and I drove up to Regina to a friends birthday dinner. Talk about Awkward... ok maybe not as bad as the student household bbq at the beginning of the year... this time they didn't forget to talk to us or make circles around us excluding us or not even say good-bye when we went to leave... but it was still very awkward... we managed to get at a table with 3 couples... or at least that is how they acted! But back to the beginning so we show up... o right it was at Moxies, a late dinner thing... and are introduced to a few people... stand there awkwardly for a few min then we are told our tables are ready so us and a few other people start making our way to "our table" well there were 6 of us standing there and only 4 chairs... so Heather and I being the sweet people we are went and sat at another table (we were going to get the whole room eventually... and we were sure someone would sit with us) well we ended up sitting there by ourselves while everyone filled up tables around us... and it was definitely obvious that we were alone... people kept staring at us and talking... we ended up moving to another table with people... Thanks Linden!... so then they talked to us a bit but it was definitely obvious that we were not with "our group" of people. oooo... another important detail we made this cookbook thing for our friend for his b-day and I guess he really liked it because we basically became known as the people who made the cookbook for Linden... ya so now we're awkward sisters who have no friends and make cookbooks... I'd also like to point out it was a very cool cook book which has tons of pics and step by step directions... VERY helpful... and he really did like it (he claims) which is why he was telling everyone about it. Anyways we ended sharing the biggest plate of Nachos I've ever seen (me and heather that is)... did I mention that we were only invited to this thing at like 6 (it was at 9) and we had already eaten dinner before we went... so neither of us was very hungry but we had to order something we that we didn't look even dumber! after 2 hours we decided that it was time to leave... heather was working today... so that was our night! I'm so glad I have a sister to hang out with so when things like that happen we have each other to talk to!
Well I better be going I have to get ready for a Good Friday brunch I'm going to... again I won't know too many people... but this time I'm by myself! Well I'm praying it is a better experience than last night... I'll let you know how it goes