Monday, March 24, 2008


ANOTHER ONE??? these were the first thoughts that ran through my mind when my parents told me over Christmas that they were hoping to adopt again, however after about 5 seconds I feel in love with the idea! Well it is no longer just an idea my parents are in the process of adopting my 4th brother, Carson. Unlike the other adpotions my parents have done this one is an out of country adoptoin. Carson is from Eastern Europe and is 2 1/2 right now, and has down syndrome. I'm so excited for him to come home, hopefull sometime this year!

To check out how the adoption is coming along you can check out the blog that we set up for that:

If you would like to help Carson become part of his forever family faster by sponsering my parents please click on the link below.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I don't want to be here... I want to be some place not here... preferably some place hot!

So I'm sitting here on my bed... becasue I broke my chair yesterday... the chairs here suck...or maybe I just break stuff alot... or maybe both... anyways I'm yet again procrastinating... I think that has become a theme for me... anyways back to the reason I started this blog I decided I want to go on a trip someplace... anyplace not around here... warm would be prefered but anyplace would do really... then I was listening to my music and this song came on and it was exactly what I was thinking....
I’m not falling for anymore of these tricks
I’m so tired of everything here
This sum is calling me to the west
Everyone’s having fun out there

My bags are packed as I’m looking out the window
Everything is so outdated here
I wanna move west to where the sun is shinning
I want my friends to all be there

Let’s pack up and move to California
She’s got lots of friends out there
We’ll never get bored cause we can go boardin’
Let’s let the sunshine take us there

I’m tired of taking it slow
So tired but I’m not sleeping
I’m wired about to pick up my board
Cause we’re all heading out for the weekend

Let’s pack up and move to California
Hope on board before we get older
Raise your hands and shout for California
Come on, come on, come in, come on

Let’s pack up and move to California
She’s got lots of friends out there
We’ll never get bored cause we can go boardin’
Let’s let the sunshine take us there

Let’s pack up and move to California
Hop on board before we get older
Raise your hands we’re heading for the border
Come on, come on, come on, come on
All this to say if anyone wants to bring me on a trip/send me on a trip or send me a post card while there on their trip I would love that... the first two would be best... but the third would make me smile 2!
Well I better get working at my hw now so I don't end up being a bum living in a van in california... actually right now that doesn't sound half bad...

Sunday, March 16, 2008


So a year ago I was in San diego CA getting ready to head down to TJ Mexico for a missions trip with my youth group and I was sitting here tonight really missing Central America so I thought I would make a little video of our missions trip and share it with you! I thought it might make me miss Mexico/Guatemala less but it just made me want to go back even more... hopefully next year.... here is it hope you enjoy it!

You tube suprises!

So I was on youtube loading up the Mexico video and I came across this one that I thought was worth watching! Enjoy it!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


So I'm sitting here at my computer listening to I'd Lie by Talyor swift for the 3rd time in 5 min. and thinking that I hate homework... Last night I decided that today was going to be a day for me to write my lit and comp paper... well I slept in (til 11:25)... went to breakfast... called mom to talk and ended up talking to heather for a while... then I checked the weather and realized that the weather is posed to get really crappy agin so I should go for a walk... i did that but it didn't last as long as I was hoping because my MP3 player ran out of battery life and I can't walk without music... so back to my room to start the homework. That didn't last too long I came back and talked to Kailey for a few min. then went on facebook, checked my email and played a quick game... right when I was going to start Tryna came in and asked me if I would like to do homework in the courtyard with her and so I thought why not, after packing up my computer and books then getting all ready to go out we got out there and sat down I opened my computer and got my music going and then Tryna said it was too cold and she wanted to go inside... so I loaded all my stuff up again and back inside... we decided to go to the Tiki room (our lounge) and do work there... On our way there we decided that we should watch high school musical 2 while we do our home work... hahahahaha... needless to say I got no Hw done... then it was off to dinner... and you can't leave dinner too quickly or it's rude so I stayed and hung out... and then I decided I need to takle this Hw and back to my room I went... After checking my facebook, playing a game of scramble and checking my email I had to come up with something else to do so blogging was about the only thing I didn't do today and so that's what I did! Now that I've heard I'd lie for another 5 times I guess I should do my work... or find something else exciting to do...

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bands and Birthdays

Hey everyone!
So right now I’m sitting in the Calgary airport, I’ve been here for about 5 hours and I have another 1 ½ hours to go so I figured now would be a good time to update you on my life... then I realized I have no internet so I’m typing this out and later in I’ll post it when I have the net again.
So let’s pick up where I left off... February 22-24 was Youth Quake, a huge youth conference held at Briercrest. I got the opportunity to help out lots during the weekend, which was nice but it would have been ok to have a bit of time to do stuff too... maybe next year! Volunteering gave me the opportunity to meet most of the “famous” people, so that was cool!

Then on February 29th I got to fly home for reading break! It was so wonderful to be home... but getting home wasn’t as easy as I though it would be. Thursday night I was in my room packing and trying to clean it up (hahahahaha) around 10:30 someone knocked on my door and so I answered it and it was the girl who was driving me to the airport in only 9½ hours... she was in an accident and couldn’t drive me. I’m just so glad God kept her and her passengers safe, but WHAT WAS I GOING TO DO???? So I shut the door, calmed down and went on a search for a ride to the airport after about an hour of STRESS and searching I found a girl who was able to give me a ride, praise God! So I got to the airport Friday am to find out that my flight was delayed and I was cutting it close for my connection, then after waiting around the airport for an hour there was another announcement my flight was going to be even later! So in my mind I was thinking there was no way for me to make my connection in Calgary... turns out the man who told me I was cutting it close was CRAZY because even with it being another 40 min late I had an hour in the Calgary airport, why do they hire people like that??? Needless to say I made it home with no more big surprises.
Friday night I go to go to youth group with Heather, Krista and Brent... yes Brent is going to youth group now! It was pretty sweet we ate pizza, played Pictionary... my team was on fire... played some other frog related games (seeing that it was leap day) and made a team again rocked!

Saturday I got to hang out with Krista for the morning, we took a trip to Parksville and Coombs! Then came the exciting part of the day Karl’s 8th birthday party.... I’M NEVER HAVING A SON... Kaila came over and together we ran the games for the 6 boys that were there... If I heard the words weenie or poo one more time I could have shoot the boys (with the nurf gun of course). But over all it seemed to be successful. After all the boys were gone heather decided to make my day even better, since the boys weren’t enough torture, she got me, mom and Kaila help her cut out 250 treasure chest invitations and color 100+ of them.

Sunday was obviously church and we had an AGM for the church... I always pick the best times to go home!

Monday my mommy turned 39 (or something like that) so we went out for dinner at Boston Pizza and then I got to b-sit for the rents as they had Bible study.

The rest of the week was lots of hanging out with the fam, baking, a bit of school, sleeping, relaxing... and some hanging out with friends which included some Guitar Hero (man I’ve improved this year in that game) and 27 dresses (for the second time).

Now I’m in the airport waiting to go back to school to finish the 5 weeks of classes I have and then those dreaded finals.