Thursday, March 25, 2010

And Off We Go!

In 50 min Krista and I are heading off on our little trip... ok 3,000 Km so maybe big trip would be better. Today we're heading to Minnesota... not sure where we'll stop but somewhere in Min. Have a great weekend... I know o I will!

Friday, March 19, 2010



That's all I can say about the next couple weeks of my life. I think I take on too much sometimes... like right now.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow I am redoing our kitchen... by that I mean painting the cupboards inside and out and painting the walls. In order to this however I had to:
  1. Take EVERYTHING out of the kitchen
  2. Take the doors off the cupboards
  3. Sand down all the outside of the cupboards
  4. Putty all the holes
  5. wash the cupboards inside and outside
  6. wash the walls down
  7. and now I'm going to paint

I originally was only going to do the walls but I decided to go all the way!

Ok so that's the next few days after that I work (Sunday am-Thursday am).

Thursday Krista is picking me up from work and we are off on a road trip to Toronto! Krista is moving out there to work and I'm going along for a trip! We're going to be going through the States so we'll drive through

  1. North Dakota
  2. Minnesota
  3. Michigan
  4. Illinois
  5. Indiana
  6. Wisconsin

Sunday I fly back to Sask and Monday I'm back at work until Friday am.

So there is my next 2 weeks in a nut shell...


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bronchitis and Cricket

On the bronchitis front you should all know that I finished my antibiotics today and I'm all better (well I feel all better)! My allergies are still bugging me a bit but whatever it happens. I go back to the Dr's on Friday to make sure that I'm all better, then Saturday I'm back to work.

For the past few weeks I've really wanted a pet. I've had a few, ok 8, fish since being here (some were heather's I guess) and that hasn't gone too swell but I decided that I want a pet I can cuddle and bring for walks. But becuase I work so much it's hard to find a pet that will be ok on it's own so often. I came up with a Guinea pig!
But I don't think it's fair to leave it at home for so long. Then I was thinking hey I could just bring it to work with me! Ya not too sure how my boss would feel about that. So then I thought that maybe I would go for something less needy so I though A TURTLE!
Well turns out that really little turtles (like under 4") are not so safe (they are often salmonella carriers) and that turtles bite you! Who wants a pet that you can't even hold or cuddle and that bites you? Then I went back to my dream pet, a miniature pot belly pig!
I've wanted one for years and still want one real bad. But then they need lots of attention and time, neither of which I have to give right now. But finally I figured out what I am going to do... no I'm not going to get a pet cricket! I'm going to borrow our friends dog, Cricket, when I feel like I need a pet!
Today I brought him for a walk and we had some bonding time and I think he will be the perfect pet for me! That is until I can get my own pig!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Bronchitis and the gym

Day #4 has been much much better than days 1-3. The only sign of my bronchitis left is that I sound like a man! That exclamation mark was not for the fact that I sound like a man but because I am basically better! I am now fighting with my allergies but that's ok I'm used to that.

So becuase I am feeling so much better I went back to the gym today... but don't worry I washed all the equipment well after I used it so I wouldn't get others sick. I'm very glad to be back to living now! I hate being sick.

O another great piece of news is that I slept through the night last night! This is the first time I have done that since getting sick!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bronchitis and The Last Song

Day 3 is well on it's way and my throat and lungs are feeling better but today my sinuses decided they were going to have a turn... so now I have uber congested sinuses and a head ache... this girl can't catch a break! I'm sure you're all dieing to know what I'm up to well here it goes today I watched Valentines Day (ok so I'm half was though)... right now it's mediocre, well see if the end gets better... I have also worked my way to the 3/4 mark of my book (for those of you who don't remember it's the Last song) anyways I also figured out recently that this wonderful book is going to be released as a movie in just a few short weeks! I can't wait to see it although I'm sure it will pale greatly in comparison to the book.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bronchitis and Big Bang Theory

So I'm almost finished day 2 of being sick at home... I have to say it was much more productive than day 1... I'm starting to feel better, I can now walk around without coughing up a lung and it's getting easier to breath! But even though I'm feeling a bit better I'm still trying to take it easy so that I get better faster. Of course relaxing and getting better always involves watching TV and reading (well for me it does) so today I watched Big Bang Theory and read my newest book by Nicolas Sparks (The Last Song). I enjoyed both of these immensely... but I still HATE being sick.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Bronchitis and Hairspray

I went to work this morning at 9am and then decided that after shift change I should go to the Dr's as I had a sore throat and it was getting harder to breathe. I figured it was just my allergies acting up... boy was I wrong I was informed I have bronchitis and that I was not aloud to work... So I came home after working for 3 hours.

Now I have a few days of sitting around and recovery... I don't like having to sit around I get really board... I've only been home for under seven hours and I'm already running out of things to do.

Anyways one of the things I did today was watch Hairspray... I haven't watched it for over a year and I forgot how wonderful and funny it is. My favorite line has to be when Edna says to Tracy... "he doesn't notice what I wear. In 20 years he's never said nice moo moo or nothing" hahahaha...

Well as I'll be resting for a couple more days atleast I'm sure you'll hear more from me soon!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Krista and I have been going to the gym for the past couple of weeks and I'm surprisingly enjoying it. Because I work 4 days on 4 days off I'm only able to go 4 days out of the week. Anyways yesterday I went for the 6th time? and I was so encouraged becuase I noticed how I was improving! the first day I went I was able to do the elliptical for 2 min and I thought I was going to die! I was also only walking on the treadmill... well 6 times later I can easily do 5 min on the elliptical (I know it still sounds sad but I'm working up!) and I can run... ok maybe jog... on the treadmill for 1 min intervals!

I have decided in the past few days that I need a fitness goal so I have made one... I am going to run a 5km run July 1st! I have NEVER been able to run 5km but I now have 4 months to train so I will be able to... I'll keep you posted on how the training is going... and hopefully I'll have some pictures to post in July!