Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bronchitis and Cricket

On the bronchitis front you should all know that I finished my antibiotics today and I'm all better (well I feel all better)! My allergies are still bugging me a bit but whatever it happens. I go back to the Dr's on Friday to make sure that I'm all better, then Saturday I'm back to work.

For the past few weeks I've really wanted a pet. I've had a few, ok 8, fish since being here (some were heather's I guess) and that hasn't gone too swell but I decided that I want a pet I can cuddle and bring for walks. But becuase I work so much it's hard to find a pet that will be ok on it's own so often. I came up with a Guinea pig!
But I don't think it's fair to leave it at home for so long. Then I was thinking hey I could just bring it to work with me! Ya not too sure how my boss would feel about that. So then I thought that maybe I would go for something less needy so I though A TURTLE!
Well turns out that really little turtles (like under 4") are not so safe (they are often salmonella carriers) and that turtles bite you! Who wants a pet that you can't even hold or cuddle and that bites you? Then I went back to my dream pet, a miniature pot belly pig!
I've wanted one for years and still want one real bad. But then they need lots of attention and time, neither of which I have to give right now. But finally I figured out what I am going to do... no I'm not going to get a pet cricket! I'm going to borrow our friends dog, Cricket, when I feel like I need a pet!
Today I brought him for a walk and we had some bonding time and I think he will be the perfect pet for me! That is until I can get my own pig!

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