Monday, June 28, 2010

Pray for You

Toronto day #3

On day 3 we spent a wonderful afternoon at the zoo... no crazy stories... but tons of pics!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Toronto day 2

Today we had the opportunity to go and visit mom's family in Otterville. We had such a great time visiting with our Aunt, Uncle, cousins and second cousins. We had soooo many laughs and a great time catching up. There is one story from today I feel need to share:

It happened on our tour of Otterville. Uncle Bob was driving us around showing us the changes that have happened in the past 8 years! During our tour he showed us the great work Mel had been doing. Mel is an elderly man who has lived in Otterville for a while. 4 years ago Mel got a sprayer machine to spray weeds, so he was wonderful and sprayed the yards of some of the town folks. This year he decided that it was time to break out the sprayer again and help out those neighbors once again. This time he figured he didn't need to ask, they said yes last time so it must be okay. There was one slight problem not all the nosles were working on the sprayer so he wouldn't get all of the grass but some is better than none right?
While Mel was out spraying the grass one of his neighbors got home, he waved at Mel they talked for a bit and then Mel kept spraying. The next morning when that man went out to head out to work this is what he found.
Mel had killed half the grass of 4 of his neighbors! But not all of it, just the areas that had working nosles!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Toronto Day #1

Mom and I arrived in Toronto late last night, so today was our first day for fun! We slept in and then when Krista was done work we went to the Eaton Center to shop (a 2 block by 1 block mall that has 5 stories of stores). After shopping we went out for dinner and on the way home we stopped and got peticures! That is what I want to tell you about, the pedicures.

We maganed to find a nail salon open at 9pm, this was not easy. There were only 2 ladies who were able to give us pedis so Kris and I went first and mom got her's after I was done. The ladies were Asian and were talking back and forth to each other, no problem. When lady #1 was done my pedi she went over to do moms and right away she started talking ALOT. I thought she was talking to lady #2, mom thought she was talking to here (she wasn't talking in English) and Krista figured she was just talking to herself. Well Krista was right, the whole time she did mom's pedi (30 min?) she talked, very animatedly, to herself! O it was sooo hard not to laugh... krista was red in the face, mom even pretended she was watching the soccer game so people wouldn't notice the smirk on her face. O boy it was a fun hour!
for more pictures from day 1 click here

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wisdom... From Lululemon

I'm not a huge Lululemon fan... I'm too cheep! But just over a year ago my lovley friend gave me a water bottle from them. I LOVE my water bottle and use it all the time! Today at church I was reading it, don't worry it was before the sermon, and I decided to share my favorite quotes with you.

"Dance, Sing, Floss and Travel"

"Friends are more important than money"

"Jelousy works the opposite way you want it to"

and my absolute favorite:

"Live near the ocean and inhale the pure salt air that flows over the water."

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ball Game...Maybe I Should Have Been Left at Home

I went to my first baseball game in years today... I learned lots. Here's a few tips for your next baseball game
  1. Don't cheer for the wrong team, people don't like that, and they don't care if it's by accident. You will know that you're cheering at the wrong time when no one else around you is cheering, and everyone is staring at you with evil eyes.
  2. There are 9 innings in a baseball game, not 7 like I previously assumed. So bring a snack becuase 9 innings can take a while.
  3. Don't sit right behind home plate. Though it is a safe place to sit becasue there's a high fence in front of you, it does not give you the best view.
Ok so those are are the tips I have for now but I'm sure that at my next game I will learn somemore things that you will all need to know. So stay tuned

Thursday, June 17, 2010


So the other day I was driving around moose jaw and decided to stop and take a few pictures... here's just a couple of them... and by that I mean 3!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I knew you just couldn't wait

So I know weigh in day/update day is suposed to be thursday but this week you get it a day early! Ready for it? down 2 lbs! I'm now basically 1/2 way to making my end of summer goal! My new favorite thing this week is Veggie bugers! They are way better for you than normal bugers and they are super yummy!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

No way!

So I knoe I just changed my blog yesterday but when I was changing mom's I found the tie-dye! And I couldn't resist!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Summer To Do List

So I thought I had come up with a summer to do list but I don't think I did.... Or I lost it. So here it goes Summer 2010 to do list:
  1. Go camping
  2. Finish my Quilt
  3. Go to a rodeo
  4. Enter my pictures into a fair!
  5. Go to a fair
  6. Take a trip to the States
  7. Go Home
  8. See the Ocean (and I don't mean from the ferry)
  9. Read 1 book a week
  10. Write a cookbook (well start one)
There's the list (for now!)

Isn't it summery?

I can't wait until summer... I LOVE SUMMER! So I decided that I should make my blog summery! Hope you enjoy it's summerness.

It's been a month... and I haven't given up yet!!!

So I know that you all have been just sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for todays post... This is my 1 month weigh in! As I said in my first blog the point of this life change was not as much to lose weight as to become a healthier more energetic person (I don't think I worded it quite like that but you know.)! But of course I need to lose weight to be a heathier person. So here are a few changes I made in my life.
  • I have cut most sugar out of my diet
  • I try to eat veggies and or fruit at every meal
  • I try to get out for a walk or to the gym 5 days a week (45 min each day)
  • I'm taking a multi-vitamin
  • I have started eatting according to the Weight Watchers points plan
Becasue of those changes I have been able to lose... ready for it??? 12.8lbs in the month!!! That means 1.8lbs this week!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

down 3lbs this week!

Better Marriage Blanket

Watch out all my engaged friends, I found your wedding gift!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Hate Cats

I know I know hate is a stong word... but it is the only way to describe my strong dislike for felines. This small bit of news however hasn't reached the cats of Caronport. There are 3 cats imparticular that seem to love me. It all started Saturday, it was a rainy day, when I was coming back from church breakfast. I got to my house, went in and dropped my first load, went back to my car, picked up my second load and when I turn around there's a cat sitting at my door! I had closed it behind me... not sure why... but glad I did. So I walked over to it and tried to shoo it away, it went no where. I pushed it with my foot, gentley of course, it still sat there. 5 MIN! it took me 5 min to get this cat to move so I could get into my house! and as soon as I opened the door the cat made a mad dash towards it! I was able to get in and shut the door just in time... 1 point for Andrea! Well at this point the cat starts to meow... not a quiet one, nope one that would let all of Caronport know that I had locked it out of my house. Then if that wasn't enough it gets a friend and they start crying together! AHHHH 1 point for the cats!
So if this story wasn't grand enough, now everytime I leave my house the cats try to get in, they have decided the best place to sun would be my porch and that my garden, which I was weeding to plant veggies in, would be a perfect litter box. AHHHHH I HATE CATS!

How to spend 4 days on your own

I'm back! Back to work and that means back to the internet! I spent my last 4 days doing so many things!
I got off Friday, shopped for a couple hours and then went home, watched Big Bang Theory Season 2 and slept! It was a glourious day!
Saturday I had Church Breakfast @ 9am.... I know you're thinking WHY? well we go that early becasue everyone gets the seniors get there early discount... o except me cuz I'm too young. After church breakfast I had a bit more shopping I needed to do then it was off to my house to... PAINT!... I painted the upstairs bathroom a light blue and the kitchen I repainted... don't get me started... and it's now PINK! you'll have to scan through a few pics if you click on the links but they are there and easy to find. Hmm... O I also watched a lot of Big Bang Theory! I also did some baking!
Sunday! Of course it started out with me going to church, I love my church... I did get there a little late though, tip: don't paint your bathroom before church! After church I came home and watched, you guessed it big bang theory! I then put the kitchen and bathroom back together and called Kaila and talked to her for way too long! Then I went for a wonderful walk! O ya I can't forget I washed my dishes too (first time in 3 weeks).
Monday... my last day off... I tried to sleep in but woke up at 7:45 (DUMB!). Which ended up being ok cuz I baby-sat for a couple hours in the AM. Then I cleaned my whole house! It was a DISASTER!!! I even vacumed and everything!

That is how I spent my first 4 days alone since Heather left and I have to say I really enjoyed them! I think I could get used to this... okay who am I kidding HEATHER COME BACK!