Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How to spend 4 days on your own

I'm back! Back to work and that means back to the internet! I spent my last 4 days doing so many things!
I got off Friday, shopped for a couple hours and then went home, watched Big Bang Theory Season 2 and slept! It was a glourious day!
Saturday I had Church Breakfast @ 9am.... I know you're thinking WHY? well we go that early becasue everyone gets the seniors get there early discount... o except me cuz I'm too young. After church breakfast I had a bit more shopping I needed to do then it was off to my house to... PAINT!... I painted the upstairs bathroom a light blue and the kitchen I repainted... don't get me started... and it's now PINK! you'll have to scan through a few pics if you click on the links but they are there and easy to find. Hmm... O I also watched a lot of Big Bang Theory! I also did some baking!
Sunday! Of course it started out with me going to church, I love my church... I did get there a little late though, tip: don't paint your bathroom before church! After church I came home and watched, you guessed it big bang theory! I then put the kitchen and bathroom back together and called Kaila and talked to her for way too long! Then I went for a wonderful walk! O ya I can't forget I washed my dishes too (first time in 3 weeks).
Monday... my last day off... I tried to sleep in but woke up at 7:45 (DUMB!). Which ended up being ok cuz I baby-sat for a couple hours in the AM. Then I cleaned my whole house! It was a DISASTER!!! I even vacumed and everything!

That is how I spent my first 4 days alone since Heather left and I have to say I really enjoyed them! I think I could get used to this... okay who am I kidding HEATHER COME BACK!

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