Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Toronto Day #1

Mom and I arrived in Toronto late last night, so today was our first day for fun! We slept in and then when Krista was done work we went to the Eaton Center to shop (a 2 block by 1 block mall that has 5 stories of stores). After shopping we went out for dinner and on the way home we stopped and got peticures! That is what I want to tell you about, the pedicures.

We maganed to find a nail salon open at 9pm, this was not easy. There were only 2 ladies who were able to give us pedis so Kris and I went first and mom got her's after I was done. The ladies were Asian and were talking back and forth to each other, no problem. When lady #1 was done my pedi she went over to do moms and right away she started talking ALOT. I thought she was talking to lady #2, mom thought she was talking to here (she wasn't talking in English) and Krista figured she was just talking to herself. Well Krista was right, the whole time she did mom's pedi (30 min?) she talked, very animatedly, to herself! O it was sooo hard not to laugh... krista was red in the face, mom even pretended she was watching the soccer game so people wouldn't notice the smirk on her face. O boy it was a fun hour!
for more pictures from day 1 click here

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LeAnna (and David) said...

makes you wonder what she was saying to herself...