Monday, November 30, 2009

25 days until Christmas!

Sorry I missed day 26... we were having a Christmas party! Here are a few pictures of our Christmas season so far:

Saturday, November 28, 2009

27 days left until Christmas

One things I love about Christmas, as I mentioned before, is the tree. Here are a few trees from Christmas' past:

Friday, November 27, 2009

28 days til Christmas!

Ok so technically this post is late by 53 min. But I haven't gone to bed so so in my mind it's still Friday! I LOVE christmas music! I will admit that I start listening to it in October and once December hits I listen to it all the time! A few days ago I went to the library and found all of their Christmas Cd's one of my favorites was Kenny Chesney's Christmas Cd. Here are a couple of the songs:

Thursday, November 26, 2009

29 days until Christmas!

O boy I'm not doing so swell with my Christmas count down... I forgot to post yesterday... which also happened to be the first day... So I decided that I'm just going to start with today!

One thing I really love about Christmas is the traditions! My family has a few, some we developed over the past few years, others we've done forever!

  1. We Cut our own tree down. Some years we go to a tree farm, some years we just cut it down in our yard
  2. After the Christmas Eve service we drive around part of Port Alberni and find the ugliest Christmas lights! We rate people on the work they put into the lights as well as the over all effect. (this one started cuz one year mom and dad made us drive around looking at lights and we just wanted to get home. So out of spite we picked the ugliest lights... and it's stuck!)
  3. We aren't aloud out of our rooms until 8am Christmas morning.
  4. We open all of our not santa presents Christmas eve. (this one has just started the last couple years cuz as our faily grows it takes longer and longer to open gifts... this way we get a break in the middle!)
  5. My mom makes sticky buns for breakfast! They are SOOOO good!!!!

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Work... is that all I do?

Hello blogging world! So I haven't been on really cuz I've been working for the past 11 days, and I have 2 more days then I'm done! Tomorrow I just have to work til 9am then Thursday I only for 1-7... so tomorrow I will have more of a life update for you on my life. But one little thing I GOT A FULL TIME JOB!!!! Starting January 1st, 2010 I will be working 4 days on 4 days off. So for the 4 days on I will work 24 hours 4 days straight. This is such a blessing because not only will I have a solid work schedual but I will also have a whole lot more money!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas is coming!!!

I just bought my plane ticket home tonight!!!! I leave to go home December 17th! Heather and I have different flights to different locations (I have to fly into Vancouver, she's flying into Comox) but they leave within 1 hour of each other! And it just happens that my parents will have just enough time to pick her up from Comox, go our for dinner, then come and pick me up at the ferry! God is so good cuz he works everything out... even when I'm super stressed.

On another Christmas note I have decided that I'm going to do a Christmas count down for you all starting November 25th. I will do my best to have 1 christmasy thing for you each day from the 25th to the 25th... However you won't have to wait til the 25th for my first Christmas tidbit becuase I have something to share tonight! This is a song brent and I were singing alot when I was home.

what to do with my life??? O I KNOW!

As you guys know I've been trying to decide what to do with my future for some time now. Well I got another brain wave the other night! This one will be a great investment in my future and it will not be too expensive or time consuming! Ready for it??? I'm going to become a bus driver! I know this may seem odd but just stay with me for a minute while I explain myself. It doesn't take too much time to become a bus driver, you just need to take a couple tests. Then I can start driving teams around. I'm thinking male teams with people ages 20-30 on them. This will not only bring in some extra cash it will also improve my chance of finding a husband! Perfect eh?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not so puffy

So for Christmas this year I decided to make cream puffs. I have been told that they are actually easy so I goggled how to make them. On the recipe I chose had this quote at the top of it, "An easy and impressive way to make a great dessert. Whip them up and watch them disappear!" and this picture,

So I figured that they would be easy so I made a list of things I had to get for them

  • whipped cream

  • vanilla pudding

  • milk

I had everything else. tonight I decided that I was going to make these things, so I get the recipe and I realize my first mistake you are to use heavy cream not whipped cream, o well they are pretty much the same thing. Next I had to figure out how many ounces my box of pudding was. When I sat down on the computer to do this (mine was in grams) I realized that I had bought cooked pudding, not instant... I don't even like cooked pudding why would I get it??? O well I can still make this work right???? Os so I cooked my pudding up and it turned ok pretty good I thought, then I went to cool it in a sink of cold water and managed to get 1/4 cup of water into it.... now it's on to making the puff part. That went very smoothly until I took them out, they were HUGE! Ok not Huge but now cream puff size either. Then -even though I pocked a hole in it like it said to- they decided that they were going to depuff on me. but me being the good sport I am still put everything together and then I made my friends try them first. After getting the approval from them I tired one myself. Lets just say they got a 6 out of 10 on taste and a 0 out of 10 on looks, well actually they didn't look SOOO bad but they didn't look like cream puffs either. But don't worry I won't give up yet, I'm already trying to figure out how to make them better next time... I will win!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Murse boy

When Kaila and I were on Nanaimo we saw this guy shopping... Kaila is so stealth at taking creeper pics. Thanks Kaila!

I am back!

Hello blogging world how I have missed you.

I am currently sitting on the floor in the Vancouver International Airport watching the Hannah Montana movie and eatting an apple. I need to start a petition for more plug-ins at better spots here. Because my computer doesn’t last too long while unplugged I am pro at finding these plug-ins but they always stick them in the stupidest spots. They always have them by bathrooms... really who’s going to sit by the bathroom to use their computer... O wait I have... and often then have them by doors that go outside... but they never or at least rarely have them in convent spots... like near seats. Ok so now that I have that off my chest I’m ready to move on.

So you haven’t heard from me in such a long time because I’ve been at home... and don’t get me started on that computer. Lots happened while at home but when I tired to write it all out it was over 1000 words and I was only half done so I decided that I'll do point form top 5 things I got to do.
  1. Say goodbye to grandma/go to her memorial
  2. Celebrate Aiden's 9th birthday (it really took place while in Bulgaria but we wanted to do a family thing)
  3. hung out with my whole family!
  4. Spent lots of time hanging out with Kaila shopping, eatting, and holding olympic torches
  5. Had a great halloween (carving pumpkins, trick-or-treating with the kids, haunted hay ride with kris and kaila, hot dog roast and watching a movie)

There you have it I had lots of other fun stuff happen but you really don't want to have to read them all... One last thing before I sign out... I took LOTS of family pictures and I will have them for your viewing pleasure soon.

Bye for now