Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not so puffy

So for Christmas this year I decided to make cream puffs. I have been told that they are actually easy so I goggled how to make them. On the recipe I chose had this quote at the top of it, "An easy and impressive way to make a great dessert. Whip them up and watch them disappear!" and this picture,

So I figured that they would be easy so I made a list of things I had to get for them

  • whipped cream

  • vanilla pudding

  • milk

I had everything else. tonight I decided that I was going to make these things, so I get the recipe and I realize my first mistake you are to use heavy cream not whipped cream, o well they are pretty much the same thing. Next I had to figure out how many ounces my box of pudding was. When I sat down on the computer to do this (mine was in grams) I realized that I had bought cooked pudding, not instant... I don't even like cooked pudding why would I get it??? O well I can still make this work right???? Os so I cooked my pudding up and it turned ok pretty good I thought, then I went to cool it in a sink of cold water and managed to get 1/4 cup of water into it.... now it's on to making the puff part. That went very smoothly until I took them out, they were HUGE! Ok not Huge but now cream puff size either. Then -even though I pocked a hole in it like it said to- they decided that they were going to depuff on me. but me being the good sport I am still put everything together and then I made my friends try them first. After getting the approval from them I tired one myself. Lets just say they got a 6 out of 10 on taste and a 0 out of 10 on looks, well actually they didn't look SOOO bad but they didn't look like cream puffs either. But don't worry I won't give up yet, I'm already trying to figure out how to make them better next time... I will win!

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redeemed diva said...

haha! I love your adventurous cooking spirit. Come visit me, eh? I have used whipped cream instead of heavy cream and I've paid the consequences too!