Thursday, November 26, 2009

29 days until Christmas!

O boy I'm not doing so swell with my Christmas count down... I forgot to post yesterday... which also happened to be the first day... So I decided that I'm just going to start with today!

One thing I really love about Christmas is the traditions! My family has a few, some we developed over the past few years, others we've done forever!

  1. We Cut our own tree down. Some years we go to a tree farm, some years we just cut it down in our yard
  2. After the Christmas Eve service we drive around part of Port Alberni and find the ugliest Christmas lights! We rate people on the work they put into the lights as well as the over all effect. (this one started cuz one year mom and dad made us drive around looking at lights and we just wanted to get home. So out of spite we picked the ugliest lights... and it's stuck!)
  3. We aren't aloud out of our rooms until 8am Christmas morning.
  4. We open all of our not santa presents Christmas eve. (this one has just started the last couple years cuz as our faily grows it takes longer and longer to open gifts... this way we get a break in the middle!)
  5. My mom makes sticky buns for breakfast! They are SOOOO good!!!!

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?


LeAnna (and David) said...

My favorite Christmas traditions:

- decorating the tree with my family
- going to the ABC Candlelight service
- having our Christmas Eve appie party after
- going to Mass with my brother at some point on Christmas Eve

redeemed diva said...

I love hearing about your tree hunting stories. Always a good time! I'll be posting our traditions soon on my blog. pIkku Joulaa (Finnish Christmas ) is my fave.