Thursday, February 21, 2008

What a Weekend!

If I had to discribe this past weekend in one work it would be WOW! It was an amazing weekend for so many reasons...
Day 1: Wednesday Heather picked me up from Caronport... we were heading out to Lethbridge/Calgary/Canmore! We were suposed to wait until 4pm to leave but there were blizzardus conditions and heather had just driven from Saskatoon and she said the roads were horrid so we decided to leave earlier so she would have day light to drive in. We prayed that God would allow us to have a safe trip and the roads were clear and we could see the whole way to Lethbridge! so really day 1 was uneventful... in a good way!


This is the car.... you would never know there was just 2 of us in there... or maybe you would cuz no one else would fit the way we travel!

Heather's rental car had really messed up head rests... I'm holding to the opinion that they put them in backwards!Day 2: Well Day 2 started out with some breaky and then a visit with Ani who was still prego... She looked so wonderful though! Then we were off to find the Calgary bus depot we made it there with only 1 wrong turn.... it was a miracle! Once we had picked up heather we were off to Canmore! We realized at that point that we had no idea how to get from the bus depot to Canmore. So we had a brilliant idea ask for directions! We were told to turn right at the first stop sign and then some other stuff... well we got to that stop sign and found out that you could only turn left there... so left we went and we drive around Calgary for o I would say 2 hours... fianlly after receiving directions #2 we were on our way to canmore! We arrived in Canmore and started to look for our hotel... we were expecting some crapper hotel but when we pulled into the parking lot we learned that our hotel didn't quite fit into that "crappy" catagory... asctaullly it was the nicest hotel I had ever stayed in! It was soooo wonderful... a bit too wonderful for us we didn't know how to handel ourselves... lets just say I could get used to eatting like that and drinking juice out of wine glasses very qucikly!


Our wonderful beds that had a button that would ajusted the softness/hardness of the bed

Well I'm just going to skip now to Sunday as the other weekend days were more fun conference stuff and good food!

Sunday (not sure which day #):

We left the conference @ 12 and were planning on meeting Kassi and Matt and Dallas in Calgary @1:45 so we figured we'd be early... HAHAHA... we of course got lost again! This time we did have directions but I wrote them down wrong!!!! we realized that we were going in the wrong direction when the mountains started to get closer! We did end up making it to the mall... thanks matt... and had a wonderful visit! But the most exciting part of our trip was still to come! After we left the mall and got a bit lost again we were on our way back to Lethbridge... to meet Maverick Sebastion Leray... ANI HAD HAD HER BABY!!!!!!!! I was an auntie to the cutest baby ever (there's lots of pics below)!!!!!

Once hospitial visiting hours were over we stayed with some of heathers friends and then Monday am we were back for a quick visit with Ani and Maverick before I had to head back to sask... we didn't get lost at all on monday!!!!

And so that brings me to now... back at school... working my butt off to make up for the 5 days I didn't do much HW.... but every second was worth it!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Corner gas??? Really????

Well Heather Came out to visit me for the weekend! It was amazing to see her... I love visitors!!! Anyways so on Saturday we decided that we needed to do something exciting so we bunndled up... it was -50 with the windchill... and loaded in her rental car and we headed for Rouleau aka Dog River... we were going to see where Corner Gas is filmed! We spent the hour driving out to the town and when we got there we went on an adventure to find the actual location of filming. This town was about the size of umm... caronport... finally we found it! it was burried under a huge pile of snow... and there wasn't even a stinkin sign!

We decided that since we were already in the town we should atleast stop and get a post card or something. We found a bar/hotel place that claimed they sold corner gas merchendice... wonderful! We parcked in front of it... got out and braved the elements and went inside. Once we got inside we there were two doors that we could enter through to got to the bar... also the place the sign said the merchendise was sold... but both the doors happened to be locked... so we never even got a stinkin post card!

Ok so we went back to the car started it up and found out that our tire was flat! So now it was time to find a real gas station that had air to fill up our tire... we went to the only gas station in the town... and the man filled up our tire for us... so to happily but what were we going to do? we were 45 min away from any other town.

Well we decided that since we were on a tourist spree we would stop and see the worlds biggest moose!

The we thought we would go downtown and check out the little shops. We found a place to park, bunddled up and got out of the car... we were about 20 feet away from the car and we realized that it really did feel -50 out so we decided that shopping was a crappy idea.

What a fun day, full of one failed adventure after another... Can't wait for Canmore... hopefully it's a bit more sucessful!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hall Hurdles


Well this is my first time trying this blog thing but after making one for my mom I thought why not give it a try! My plan is to be use this blog to keep people updated on my life as we all know I'm horrid at keeping in contact with people, we'll see how that goes. 'll try to update it every week or so but I can't promise.

I'm still at Briercrest, I'm now in the Global Studies program (that's a new change in my life) and I'm having a great time here! The newest "adventure" in my life, if you can call it that is hall hurdles blow there are a few pics as my mom says a a picture is worth a thousand words! There are no pictures of me as... well no reason really... here they are!

Other things... it's very cold! and heather is coming to visit me in 2 days!!!! That's about my life!