Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hall Hurdles


Well this is my first time trying this blog thing but after making one for my mom I thought why not give it a try! My plan is to be use this blog to keep people updated on my life as we all know I'm horrid at keeping in contact with people, we'll see how that goes. 'll try to update it every week or so but I can't promise.

I'm still at Briercrest, I'm now in the Global Studies program (that's a new change in my life) and I'm having a great time here! The newest "adventure" in my life, if you can call it that is hall hurdles blow there are a few pics as my mom says a a picture is worth a thousand words! There are no pictures of me as... well no reason really... here they are!

Other things... it's very cold! and heather is coming to visit me in 2 days!!!! That's about my life!

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