Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Toronto day 2

Today we had the opportunity to go and visit mom's family in Otterville. We had such a great time visiting with our Aunt, Uncle, cousins and second cousins. We had soooo many laughs and a great time catching up. There is one story from today I feel need to share:

It happened on our tour of Otterville. Uncle Bob was driving us around showing us the changes that have happened in the past 8 years! During our tour he showed us the great work Mel had been doing. Mel is an elderly man who has lived in Otterville for a while. 4 years ago Mel got a sprayer machine to spray weeds, so he was wonderful and sprayed the yards of some of the town folks. This year he decided that it was time to break out the sprayer again and help out those neighbors once again. This time he figured he didn't need to ask, they said yes last time so it must be okay. There was one slight problem not all the nosles were working on the sprayer so he wouldn't get all of the grass but some is better than none right?
While Mel was out spraying the grass one of his neighbors got home, he waved at Mel they talked for a bit and then Mel kept spraying. The next morning when that man went out to head out to work this is what he found.
Mel had killed half the grass of 4 of his neighbors! But not all of it, just the areas that had working nosles!

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