Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Hate Cats

I know I know hate is a stong word... but it is the only way to describe my strong dislike for felines. This small bit of news however hasn't reached the cats of Caronport. There are 3 cats imparticular that seem to love me. It all started Saturday, it was a rainy day, when I was coming back from church breakfast. I got to my house, went in and dropped my first load, went back to my car, picked up my second load and when I turn around there's a cat sitting at my door! I had closed it behind me... not sure why... but glad I did. So I walked over to it and tried to shoo it away, it went no where. I pushed it with my foot, gentley of course, it still sat there. 5 MIN! it took me 5 min to get this cat to move so I could get into my house! and as soon as I opened the door the cat made a mad dash towards it! I was able to get in and shut the door just in time... 1 point for Andrea! Well at this point the cat starts to meow... not a quiet one, nope one that would let all of Caronport know that I had locked it out of my house. Then if that wasn't enough it gets a friend and they start crying together! AHHHH 1 point for the cats!
So if this story wasn't grand enough, now everytime I leave my house the cats try to get in, they have decided the best place to sun would be my porch and that my garden, which I was weeding to plant veggies in, would be a perfect litter box. AHHHHH I HATE CATS!

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redeemed diva said...

I am with you. My sister, bro and I started H.A.C.K a while back. Humans against cats and kittens. Our slogan, "I'm not above driving over you"