Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bronchitis and Big Bang Theory

So I'm almost finished day 2 of being sick at home... I have to say it was much more productive than day 1... I'm starting to feel better, I can now walk around without coughing up a lung and it's getting easier to breath! But even though I'm feeling a bit better I'm still trying to take it easy so that I get better faster. Of course relaxing and getting better always involves watching TV and reading (well for me it does) so today I watched Big Bang Theory and read my newest book by Nicolas Sparks (The Last Song). I enjoyed both of these immensely... but I still HATE being sick.


Jennifer said...

Ugh...I'll be praying for you! I hate that being sick too, but on the other hand it is nice to sometimes have a guilt free day laying on the couch watching tv. :-) Although, it does get tiring pretty quickly!

Ange said...

thanks Jen, how's the job hunt going?

Jennifer said...

I got a job! It's doing Children's Ministry at a church in Indiana. Really exciting!