Sunday, April 19, 2009

Camping attempt 1 = FAIL!

So I tried to knock one thing off my list Camping...
Heather and I were at a friends watching the canucks game with them Friday. Heather got a text from our friend saying she wanted to go camping in our backyard Saturday night... not so good for us becuase of church so instead we decided that Friday night we would go. So we finished the hockey game got home and started to get ready...
Our friends arrived just before midnight and we set up the tent! This was easier said than done, it didn't take us too long but I'm pretty sure we did it wrong :) there was one post sticking out further than the rest!
Then it was time for a fire with hot dog and marshmallows. 1 problem we didn't have any dry wood and no kindling... good thing we had an old coffee table so we took the legs and burned them and with a lot of help from the cardboard we had we managed to have enough fire to cook a few hot dogs!

After our literal mid-night snack we decided it was time to go to sleep... my goodness was it cold in that tent! I had my feather duvet and another blanket and I couldn't get warm... the rocks that were digging into my back weren't too great either. So at 2:45am I caved and went and slept in my bed... I had an exam the next day and I needed to get some sleep! turns out the other girls lasted about half an hour more and then they to left the tent for their beds... I guess we'll have to try again, maybe when I have a sleeping bag, air mattress, and it's warmer out, much warmer!

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