Friday, April 10, 2009

How come we do this to ourselves?

So last night Heather and I drove up to Regina to a friends birthday dinner. Talk about Awkward... ok maybe not as bad as the student household bbq at the beginning of the year... this time they didn't forget to talk to us or make circles around us excluding us or not even say good-bye when we went to leave... but it was still very awkward... we managed to get at a table with 3 couples... or at least that is how they acted! But back to the beginning so we show up... o right it was at Moxies, a late dinner thing... and are introduced to a few people... stand there awkwardly for a few min then we are told our tables are ready so us and a few other people start making our way to "our table" well there were 6 of us standing there and only 4 chairs... so Heather and I being the sweet people we are went and sat at another table (we were going to get the whole room eventually... and we were sure someone would sit with us) well we ended up sitting there by ourselves while everyone filled up tables around us... and it was definitely obvious that we were alone... people kept staring at us and talking... we ended up moving to another table with people... Thanks Linden!... so then they talked to us a bit but it was definitely obvious that we were not with "our group" of people. oooo... another important detail we made this cookbook thing for our friend for his b-day and I guess he really liked it because we basically became known as the people who made the cookbook for Linden... ya so now we're awkward sisters who have no friends and make cookbooks... I'd also like to point out it was a very cool cook book which has tons of pics and step by step directions... VERY helpful... and he really did like it (he claims) which is why he was telling everyone about it. Anyways we ended sharing the biggest plate of Nachos I've ever seen (me and heather that is)... did I mention that we were only invited to this thing at like 6 (it was at 9) and we had already eaten dinner before we went... so neither of us was very hungry but we had to order something we that we didn't look even dumber! after 2 hours we decided that it was time to leave... heather was working today... so that was our night! I'm so glad I have a sister to hang out with so when things like that happen we have each other to talk to!
Well I better be going I have to get ready for a Good Friday brunch I'm going to... again I won't know too many people... but this time I'm by myself! Well I'm praying it is a better experience than last night... I'll let you know how it goes


The Keno Family said...

So how did the brunch go Andrea?

LeAnna (and David) said...

you should learn how to comically snub people to make your point. Like asking them a question and then wandering off mid sentence... or something. >:)