Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Time to go home

We're onto our last night here in Bulgaria! I have really enjoyed this trip but I am ready to get back home to my bed, my car, my computer, you know the normal can't wait to get back to stuff.

Let's see where did I leave off??? I think it was our last trip to the zoo. Boy do I have lots to share, but I will try to keep it short tonight cuz I need to shower and get a few hours sleep.

Tuesday: We went shopping at the City Center mall. This mall has 6 floors and lots to see! However after lunch at the food court Aiden decided shopping wasn't really his thing. He was taking all the clothes off the racks and putting them on different racks. Then he decided that he was going to sweep the floor. Lets just say he didn't really enjoy standing there with us looking at the clothes. We did end up getting a couple things but then we decided it was best to leave and we went for a walk and found a park. Then we went back to some of the old buildings we had been to the day before to finish buying our souviners. Aiden found a puddle there and played in it while I shopped.

Today: We decided that we were done with shopping and old places becasue Aiden clearly doesn't like them so we decided to go back to the zoo! I love the zoo, not sure why but I find it so fun! So we spent 3 hours there, took a bus (we weren't really sure where we were going) to a McDonalds for a late lunch/early dinner and then went to the groacery store 1 last time to pick up some more chocolate! After that we got a taxi back to the hotel here and we met with Alex and Nelly, they are the adoption people here in Bulgaria, and we got all of Aiden's papers we need so that we can go home tomorrow!

So there it is the small version of our last 2 days. Now I am off to get ready for bed so I can be up at 4:00am. We're flying out at 6:20am Thurdsday and we'll be back home at 4:30pm (or atleast I will mom and Aiden will be back at 3:30) still on friday. Nice short flight eh? See you all back in Canada! and I promise pictures will be coming soon (I have about 500 now).

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Daughter of the King said...

I can't wait to have you home as well! You car (note to self: clean before tomorrow), computer (mine came today!), bed(the way you left it) and house (tidy) is all waiting for you!

can't wait for pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!