Monday, April 12, 2010

what you can do with 25 1/2 hours

Briercrest has a lot of weird traditions, one of which is to go to breakfast in Banff. This is something I didn't manage to do before I graduated however it is something I have now done!
Saturday night at 10:40pm Heather and I, along with 2 friends loaded up in a car and headed off to Banff. With a few stops (one of which was to sleep for a couple hours), we made it there by 10:00am! We then went out for breakfast, went shopping, took far too many pictures and by 2 we were back on the road to start our trip home. We were home by midnight!
And off we go
We Made it To Alberta, and we're still going strong
We're here!
I love being a Tourist!
The Banff Springs Hotel
The view from inside the hotel
A stop at rafters 6 ranch on the way home! This is where How the West was Fun got filmed

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