Sunday, April 4, 2010


Most of my life I had no interest in shoes. I wore them only becuase I had to. I didn't really care what they looked like, as long as they were comfy. In high school I was HUGE into flip flops, I'd wear them all year round and they were great cuz they were really easy to color coordinate! When I moved out here I probably brought with me 5 pairs of shoes, yes this included my flip flops.

Well last February I bought my first pair of heals and I don't know what happened. I am not a shoeaholic. In the past month I have bought 6 pairs of shoes... 6 IN A MONTH!!! I have lots of flats, a few heals, sandals, runners, boots... I have it all and I can't stop! I always look for good deals on shoes when I'm out and if I find one I just can't but buy them. The good thing is I rarely spent more than $25 on a pair of shoes, with the exception of runners and work shoes. But really this has got to stop! So here is my pledge.

I, Andrea Keno, will not buy more than 1 pair of shoes a month... unless it's Bogo!

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LeAnna (and David) said...

If I had a car I would totally cave to shoe addiction--but when you have to walk everywhere you have to buy expensive shoes or suffer.