Sunday, April 18, 2010

One More Reason I Love my Church

During our prayer and sharing time today we were told a wonderful story that I want to share with you.

There is a young teen in Moose Jaw, we'll call her Jane, who had a dream, she wanted a bike. However Jane was from a family who were unable to afford a bike for her or her sister. The other problem, Jane has a disability and she needed a special, very expensive bike. Jane's family tried to get her a bike through different organizations but they were turned down as Jane wouldn't get these organizations enough publicity.

This family gave up hope on getting Jane a bike. During this time someone came forward to buy their younger daughter a bike, she didn't need a special bike so it was easy to get her one. When the younger daughters bike was brought to the house she refused to ride it, if Jane couldn't have a bike to ride she wasn't going to ride hers either.

Our pastor heard this story and brought it to our church. Heather and I weren't at church last week and so we had heard nothing about it. Our church decided that God wanted them to buy Jane this bike. So they wasted no time and ordered Jane her bike.

This past week a couple from our church were able to bring Jane her bike. When they pulled up to the house the little sister came running to the window, she got a huge smile on her face and said "Jane, they brought you your bike!" This girl was so excited because finally she would be able to ride bikes with her big sister!

I Love how God brings around opportunities to reach out and bless people when we least expect it!


The Keno Family said...

Awwww that's a wonderful story! Made me cry!

Natalie said...

aww that is so sweet! :)