Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Adventure #1 Complete

I am currently on my first 4 days off since heather left. I have decided that every time I have no work I need to do something exciting... It could be painting the house, going away... or something else but there is no way I am going to sit around for the summer.

Keeping with that goal the moment I got off work Monday I was gone! I went to Calgary for the night to visit Kassi and go to her shower. It was so WONDERFUL to see her again, it has been way too long! Then on Tuesday I was able to stop in for a visit with the family heather used to live with and with Ani! It was so great seeing everyone it had been way too long! However I was extatic to arrive home last night. I was missing my bed!

I bet you just can not wait to hear about my next adventure... where will it be too you ask... TORONTO!!!!

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