Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What a Holiday

O my goodness Why do I do this to myself? I wait weeks to blog then I have so much to say I could write a book. Well I will do my best to give the short version of the past 2 weeks.

Dec 23: Heather and I went Christmas shopping in Nanaimo and we learned that big boxes don't fit into little cars. Krista came home from Edmonton! Went out to Jades for our Christmas Chinese food fix.

Dec 24: Woke up feeling a little ill but took some tylenol and went on with my day. Krista and I brought Jenn, Karl, Brent and Aiden to do their Christmas shopping. By the time I got home I felt horrid and I ended up sleeping rather than going to the candel light service at the church. Got up tp open a present with the fam and read the Christmas story then it was back to bed for the sicky.

Dec 25: MERRY CHRISTMAS! I managed to stay awake for 2 hours of the present opening then I had to go back to my couch and have a nap. Ended up sleeping for pretty much the whole day. Had a fever or 102

Dec 26: Usally on boxing day we go to Nanaimo to visit with my dad's fam but becuase I was sick and others in the fam were starting to feel sick we stayed at home for the day.

Dec 27: I was a lot better today! Still some sick but I was able to go to church as the kids were being dedicated. Then after church we went to DQ for Lunch and Cake to celebrate brents 15th birthday (which is actually on the 30th but we wanted the whole fam to be there) Then we wet bowling. Which actually went by pretty well Aiden did run down the lane at one point, I guess we forgot to tell him that they are only for the balls not for people! After bowling we went home and chilled, I was wiped so I took a nap!

Dec 28: Krista had to go back to Ponoka today :( Heather, mom and I all went to Nanaimo to meet up with Katie and wehad our first Reece's Rainbow Canada board meeting! Reece's Rainbow is the ministry that helped us find Aiden and we are starting a Canadain branch! After that we went and did a bit of shopping and then it was time to head home.

Dec 29: I don't remember this day very well so I'm thinking we didn't do much!

Dec 30: I was woken up by heather asking "what's our license plate number?" and I thought O CRAP! Yes our car was stolen from our friends house in Regina. A long story short it was recovered and it looks like it's in good condition we were told.

Dec 31: I woke up at 2:30am, left our house by 3:15am and caught the 5:15am ferry to vancouver. There I took a taxi to the airport and caught my 10am flight to calgary. I got to chill out around Calgary for about 6 hours then finally at 5:30pm I got on my flight to Regina. In Regina our wonderful friend Linden picked me up (becuase I had no car) and I spent the night celebrating the new year with him.

Jan 1: HAPPY NEW YEAR! I woke up and had a wonderful Visit with Linden's mom, then I had breakfast with them and after that Linden drove me back to Caronport. I didn't do too much once I got back besides realize how long my week was going to be. I was actually suposed to start work today but becuase I was still recovering from my sickness I decided that it would be best to call in sick. So I chilled around my house and then later in the evening a friend came over and we watched a movie.

Jan 2: I realized that unless I had a project or something to do throughout the week I was going to go insane. O today Ani called too. Then I talked to Heather and she suggested painting the house. PERFECT! So I talked to a friend and managed to borrow their extra mini van for the following day.

Jan 3: Went to church, it was so nice being back I love my church! After church we went to Champs (it's a sports bar) for our church lunch! After that it was time to get down to business so I went grocery shopping and then I went to Canadian tire to pick out my paint! I ended up picking a green teal for the downstairs bathroom and a blue teal for the living room. I also got some other color chips so that when heather gets back we can decide on colors for the dining room and kitchen. After I got home I had a little snack then it was time to putty the bathroom! I even managed to get 1 coat of paint on before bed!

Jan 4: I finished painting the bathroom and put it back together then it was onto the livingroom. The living room took way more prep time obviously a it's much bigger but I managed to get 2 walls painted before it got too dark to continue. Then I figured I better make something for dinner so I made a huge pot of chili and froze most of it. After this I decided I needed to shower only to realize I couldn't becuase the paint in the bathroom hadn't sat for long enough so I packed up my backpack and headed over to my old dorm and I used their shower! Then I stayed for a visit with Tryna and she taught me how to play crib!

Jan 5: Today! So I was woken up by the phone ringing at 9am (who calls people that early?) it was SGI (the insurance people/the people that have my car) and they needed to collect some more information so that they could inspect the car. They will be inspecting it tomorrow and thursday I will be informed if there is any damage etc. This means that there is no way I will be getting my car back any time too soon. O well atleast I know what's happening with it now.

So that's been my life over the past couple weeks (well the fast version) but I better go these walls aren't going to paint themselves!

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