Monday, December 21, 2009

We're Going to Get a Christmas Tree!!!

Every year on December 21st we go and get our Christmas tree... which means today we are going to get our Christmas tree!!! This year is going to be bitter sweet as Aiden will be with us but this is our first year getting a tree without Krista. Actually this is the first year any of our family members are missing.

Back to Aiden, he has been asking us for the past week where our Christmas tree is. Every time we go out and he sees a christmas tree he points and makes sure we all see it! And 2 or 3 nights ago at supper he told us all that even in Bulgaria they have a Christmas tree (so we better get one soon!). Needless to say he was very excited when we told him we are going to be getting one today!

Looking for the perfct tree...

Then it got too cold so we let dad pick out any tree... as you can see from the tree in this picture it wasn't the "perfect" tree... but we did have a Christmas tree!

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