Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You Look Good in My Shirt

This is a moment I've been waiting for since April! On Friday Night I am going to see KEITH URBAN!!!! We were just hanging out with one of our friends in Regina and she asked us if we wanted to go see Keith with her, her sister (also a friend of ours) and their brother-in-law. What a dumb question OF COURSE! So Heather and I got our tickets and we were so excited! When we got home Krista asked us why we didn't buy her a ticket... maybe becuase she lived in Port Alberni and the concert is in Calgary.... hmmm... good reason? Well this summer Krista Moved to Ponoka, AB. which means she's closer to Calgary than we are... whoops... too late. But because Heather and I are such great sisters we decided that after the concert we would go and spend the weekend with Krista as it just happened to be her weekend off and her birthday weekend! Then it was time for heather and I to come up with a great gift for Krista after all we were going to Keith Urban without her so I had to find something good... we came up with The Big Bang Theory season 2 as it's her favorite show... or is that Dog the Bounty Hunter... anyways that was going to be her gift as it only came out today. Well then we got a text telling us that one of our friends had a class she couldn't miss... you should have seen heather when she heard that... so we decided we would try to get that ticket so Kris could come... WE GOT IT!!! and it just happens that she had asked for the day off so she could go to the Dr and the bank... so KRISTA IS COMING TO SEE KEITH URBAN WITH US! YAAA!!!


redeemed diva said...

so...what shirt are you going to wear???

redeemed diva said...

and so...waiting for a blog post about it????