Monday, September 28, 2009

Sisters+Sea lions+Shopping=Stupendous

Saturday after the concert we spent the day at West Edmonton Mall!!!! For my non-canadian readers (or reader) West Ed is a HUGE mall with a sea lion show, an ice rink, a wave pool and water slides, bungie jumping, 2 mini golfs, bowling, rides, AMAZING shopping and about a hundred other things you can do. Last time we were there together was about 12 years ago... we think.
We're so directioally challenged that when we got to the mall we couldn't find our way to the good part and so we thought we ended up at the wrong mall... then we saw this sign and decided that the person who made 2 buildings for West ed was dumb... turns out we were the dumb ones... we found a map very quickly after this photo was taken and we relied on it heavely for the rest of the day.

using our trusty mapMom these two are for you! Thanks for the Elvis wrist

Look there is a pirate ship in the mall!!!
and a CHINA TOWN!!

And at China town they had purple duck eggs... PURPLE EGGS!!!
while we were at the mall we...
Made some new friends

Saw a penguin

Saw a sea lion showGot our noses pierced... ok not me but heather and krista didAte yummy foodbut we didn't get to ride on the boat ride:( Last time Krista and I were at west ed together we rode this ride over and over... they didn't even stop it unless someone else wanted to get on. We brought Danny on it with us and he literally turned green becuase we rode it for so long. Kris and I got it stopped, brought danny to mom and dad and then went back on it... o the good times!But most of all this day was about spending quality time with my sisters and that is what I will remeber the most (yes even more than the $5 shirts)

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The Keno Family said...

Great pictures Andrea! You can thank Grandpa Gleason for the wrists!