Monday, September 21, 2009


WOW! My life has been nuts! I've been working over full time and I feel like there is always something more imporantant that needs to be done. And on top of that Heather's computer decided now would be a great time to stop working so we're sharing my computer and too bad for me her homework is more important than my blog. This is why it has taken me so long to blog about anything. But I'm not working as much in the next few days so I'm hoping that I will be able to catch up here.

I'm going to start with pictures from our road trip out here... here it goes!
We're on the ferry! Yippee...
What's a trip without shopping??? it's not one... We found some great shopping in Washington

A lovley sunset in Washington some place... our first night

Our campsite from the first night... we got there late and set up using a flashlight and our headlights. Turns out we spent the night on concret
Lake Wenatchee... this is where we camped the first night and it was beautiful! This Crazy Squirl decided that it wanted to join us for our trip so it ran under our can as soon as we stopped and it stayed there the whole time we were at the lake. Then heather had to throw a cookie out for it so that it would run out from under the car long enough that we could back out and drive away... poor guy probably just wanted a friend.
This is a little town we stopped in on our second day... it's SO small town USA and we LOVED it!
HAHA this is harder than it looksThis picture and the two above are from a pioneer village/museum we went to it was very sweet!We went to the Daly Mansion in Montana, this is where we met that wonderful woman who let us stay at her place. I could have put 500 pictures up of this alone but I refrained.... The Montana Rodeo
Baby Phoenix! Ani and Tj's beautiful baby girl! She is so precious!

Mavrick... he's so big now!

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