Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blessings from above

Wow this past week has flown by and so much has happened! God has blessed us in so many ways some small and semingly insignificant while others much more obvious. The biggest blessing God gave Heather and I on our trip was a lovley couple named Nancy and Bob. Heather and I LOVE rodeos! We can't get enough of them so when we heard that 1 hour out of our way there was a county fair and a bull-a-rama we knew we had to go. Once we arrived at the town the fair was in we decided that we should check out this old massion I was telling her about. It was built in 1910, has 25 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms. It used to be on a 22,000 acre farm but most of teh land was sold. We knew it cost money for a tour but we weren't sure how much so we went into the gift shop to check out what we would have to pay. It turns out we didn't have the money to see the mansion and go to the fair so we decided that we would just leave. Well the lady who was running the gift shop started talking to us. She asked us where we were from (Vancouver Island, BC), what we were doing in Hamilton (going to the rodeo) and where we were going to be staying (we had a tent and we were going to find a campsite later... we hopped). Well she didn't like that last answer and she invited heather and I to stay with her and her husband at their house. We weren't so sure if this was a good idea after all the last thing my mom told me was "I love you, don't trust strangers" but there was something about this lady that made us say "yes". So we exchanged numbers and planned to call her later for directions to her house. Well heather and I were unsure if what we had done was so smart so we made a plan. We were going to go to their house around 4pm to see where it was etc. If it was at all sketch we were going to leave for the fair and never return! However it turns out that they were a Christian couple and that they were simply wonderful! They made us a delicous dinner before we headed back to the Rodeo and then they left the house open for us as they were out for the evening. The next morning the even made us breakfast before we left! God knew that heather and I were about finished with camping and he provided for us in a way we never would have imagined! God is great!

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Jennifer said...

This is so great! Doesn't it just remind you so much of the Lord's sovereign care and love for us when He does these things?