Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wow we're finally here!

Wow! That's really the only way to describe the last week of my life! Tuesday morning Heather and I left Nana Soames house and Heather drove the 14 hours from Langley, BC to Lethbridge, AB. Originally the plan was for me to do half of the driving but after only 1 lesson in a standard I didn't feel quite ready to take on highway 3!

We had a wonderful 3 days at Ani's! Maverick is the cuttest thing EVER!
While at ani's we spent lots of time shopping and just hanging out around her place but we also got to go to Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump... Let me tell you it is COOL! so if you are ever around Lethbridge and have a few hours head out there...

Friday am we left ani's for the 6 hour trip out to school... turns out it's more like a 4.5 hour trip! So once we got here we started the exciting task of puting together a home! We spent the whole weekend shopping, unpacking and putting things together... this was all finished last night when our couch, chair, my bed and our table arrived!

Anyways I really need to be heading to bed I'll write more with more detail later on when I'm not taking a Mod class!

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