Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hey Andrea will you bring us camping....

Before I left home for school I had the most wonderful opportunity to bring Jenn, Karl and Mya camping! If you know me you know I am not a very good camper... I do not like cooking on a propane stove or smelling like smoke or having to go for a walk everytime I nees to use the bathroom... but for my siblings I decieded to brave it and the trip was amazing! We went to Gordan Bay provincial campground which is near Lake Cowichan, it really is a beautiful spot!

We were there for two nights and that was the perfect amount of time... it was suposed to rain the whole time we were there and we maybe got 20 drops! and because of all the rain they had been having (before we got there) we were aloud to have a campfire!!!

I was also able to have a beautiful airmatress so I slept very well... jenn and Karl decided it was not fair but 2 would not have fit in our tent it was too small.

Mya was sooo good she rarley barked and she slept all night without barking!!!

The highlight of our trip would have to be when we dedcided to swim to an island that was swam to last year... last year we hiked most of the way there though and this year we decieded to swim... it was further than I remembered but fun none the less... some of these pics were from our swim last year (the ones with Kaila) as I would not swin with my camera!

Jenn and karl might disagree with me about the highlight though I think their favorite part might have been roasting the eatmore over the fire because their big sister forgot to bring marshmellows...

well over all the trip was good and I can not wait for next year!

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The Keno Family said...

Glad to hear you are planning a camping trip with J and K and M next year!!