Monday, September 8, 2008

And the Olympic winners are...

Each year (well except last year) Briercrest has briercrest olympics basically this involves each dorm/hall and their brother dorm/hall competing aginst 6 other groups of dorms/halls. The games they compete in change a bit from year to year this year we had:

  1. The van push... they load as many people as they can in a 15 passenger van (with the back seats removed) and then other people have to push the van through an obstical course... and 1 person gets to drive!

  2. The office chair Box relay... Our team (about 50 people) had to make two lines facing each other about 2 feet away from each other. Then we had to take turns putting a office chair box over our heads, spin around 10 times and run between all the people when we got to the end the box was taken off our heads and another person did it back... basically we had to do this for like 5 min and the more people we got through the better!

  3. Matress surfing... we all laid on our backs in a circle and passes a person riding a matress around... then that person would get off someone else would get on and we'd go for it again bascially again it was as many people as you can get through in 5 min... talk about sore arms!

  4. Then we worked on our team cheer... have to say it was great but I SUCKED!

  5. Target practice... we got fingure darts and we had to hit targets... again another one that was harder than it sounds.

  6. then we played this game that involved some cirlces and a big ball... I really didn't understand it....

  7. Lastley we participated in a tiathalon... it started with dragging someone on a mat thing, then pushing a go cart (well one person drove and 4 pushed) and then a sack race with 2 man sacks!

Over all it was a so much fun... O I almost forget to mention the best part... each team is assigned a color, blue, green, pink, orange, black, purple, and red.. my team... ok my old dorms team that Heather and I joined... was pink! I love Pink! turns out the guys didn't own much pink but rather than letting us girls down they went to wal-mart and found some wonderful outfits in the little girls section and the ladies section... Check out the picture below if you dare!

ok so that wasn't actually they best part but it was the second! the best part is that our team WON!!!! YA!!!! Whit 2!!!

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