Monday, August 25, 2008

Let's Get Rowdy!

So Yesterday heather and I left port alberni to start our treak over the rockies and to school. So here's just a little update on how things are going for us!

Heather and dad did a wonderful job packing up the car!

We caught the 12:45 ferry and besides the fact that it was a little late there were no long waits or problems there...
On our way to Ani's Nana's home... that's where we spent last night and are spending tonight... we were able to stop by the Bartels and drop off a present for Katie and Jon's baby. Turns out they live 2 blocks away from Nana's!

Once we got to Nana's we had a beautiful dinner and watched some tv... how I love extreame makeover home edition!

This morning to were able to sleep in.. well atleast I was turns out heather was up at 7:30 hahaha sucker!

After a quick breakfast and packing up we were off to the PNE for the day!

Getting to the PNE went better than expected... we made one wrong turn... Dumb google maps... then it turns out there was an accident on the Highway we were taking... fortunitly for us it was clearned by the time we got there it was just a bit congested...
A bit of the traffic but not the worst of it

The PNE was a BLAST! We just walked around looking at the booths and took in a few of the shows... we saw the calvery ride, they were wonderful!

Then there was the real reason for our trip to the PNE AARON PRITTCHET!!!! He put on an amazing show!!! We had the opportunity to hear a bunch of his new stuff that will be coming out Sept. 9th... I'm pretty sure the best part of the show though was the fact that we got to sit in the Senior's secation! We didn't realize this when we sat down at 5:30 to save our seats but slowly and surley they joined us... let me tell you they probably had the best sense of humor there!

Well that's about the extent of our trip so far and I better get to bed becasue we need to be heading out of here by 7:30am tomorrow... we're hoping to make it to Ani's in Lethbridge which is a 14 hour drive heather tells me... We'll keep you posted as our trip goes on!

PS... sorry for all the spelling errors that are in this blog... my fingers aren't working well today for some reason...


The Keno Family said...

Sounds like you girls are having lots of fun! Any pics of Maverick?Love you both lots... Safe travels. Love Mom

Jennifer said...

Miss you girls already! I pray that your trip has gone (and is going) well!