Wednesday, August 13, 2008

O, Auntie Shirley

Ben came over for dinner on Sunday and while we were all sitting at he table auntie shirley decided something for him!

A. Shirley: "Hey ben, do you have a girl friend?"
Ben: "Nope"
A. Shirley: "Well you should date Kassi or Heather."
Mom: "Shirley, Ben's to young for Kassi"
Andrea: "And she already has a boyfriend"
A. Shirley: "O well he should date heather than."
Heather: "Auntie, I'm way to old for him."
A. Shirley: "No, not you, the other heather"
Andrea: "Auntie Shirley! That's Ben's Sister!"
A. Shirley: "O, butever."

This has us all laughing our heads off... o how I love my auntie shirley!

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