Sunday, August 3, 2008

Guatemala 09???

This summer I started to think about what I'm going to do next spring/summer after I graduate... anyways I want to do missions but I'm not really sure if that is the time or if I should hang around port and work... well reciently I have been invited to go back to guatemala and work alongside Bob and Shirley (the directors of the school I went to there). Recently they have decided after much prayer that God is calling them into a new ministry and that though Fuego was amazing and life changing for many people it has run it's course. They aren't entirley sure what this new ministry will entail at this point they are providing a place for groups from Canada and the States. They will help these groups connect with local ministries and missionaries and guide them as they serve in Guatemala. I'm not entirley sure if or how I fit into this plan but I'm praying that God will show me if I do. I just want to know that whether this is his plan for me at this time. If you remember you can pray for me that God will show me if this is the place he wants me at this point in my life! Thanks I'll keep you updated as I hear more and make a decission.

Another little thing you can pray for is my friend from School, Dawn. She's heading out in a month to go and work with troubled youth in London, England for a year! Right now she's having some problems getting a Visa. She knows for sure she can go but if she can get a 1 year visa rather than 2, 6 month visas her life would be much easier. Thanks!


Jennifer said...

Exciting! Girl, I will be praying for you and where God wants you next summer. Keep us posted...this sounds amazing!

Ange said...

thanks! I will