Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Technology Life and Death

Me and my electronics have had a very interesting week. I got a Macbook this week! I have been without my own computer for just over a month but I've been without a good, working computer that can access the internet for over a year now. So needless to say I'm stoked to have one again!

This week I also got a new Ipod! I went to turn on my old one and it wouldn't start so I figured no problem I'll charge it. Well that didn't work, there was nothing I could do to get this dang thing to turn on. And I don't know about you but I can not work out if I don't have music so off to walmart I went to get a new one. Well as I was loading music on my new Ipod Heather picked up my old one and IT TURNED ON! What the heck??? Well Krista now has an Ipod too!

Yesterday I was washing my bedding and when I pulled my sheets out of the washing machine my cell phone came out too... WHAT???? This is pathetic what else could go wrong with my electronics??? So now my cell phone is in a bed of rice dying out... I think I need to stay away from technology for an a while!

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