Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Security at it's finest

So I was just commenting on my mom's blog and I had to type in those words they make you type in. You know the ones that are a squwished together and say things like framed potato? While I was doing that I was thinking that people who have bad eye sight would never be able to leave comments on blogs, how sad. I have darn good eye sight and I still have to type it in like 3 times to get them right! What would you do if you couldn't identify the cl from a d... I have this problem from time to time.

And really what is their purpose anyways? If you're going to make a stupid comment it's not going to stop you. Someone once told me that they were so drunk people wouldn't comment... really, if you're drunk and feel a need to blog I don't think typing in 2 words is going to stop you.

Then for this blog I decided I needed a picture of one of these to add. Well I figured out very quickly I don't know their name! I came up with some really creavite searches to look for them, security word, security code, type the words, type letters... o I know they got better as I went on, but no luck. Anyone know what they are really called? cuz I feel I should knnow so one day when I'm supper smart and on Jeperdy I can answer that question.

Ps. I really don't like them they drive me crazy, this is one reason I don't leave comments on your blog as much as I would like to.


redeemed diva said...

yes, I know how annoying it is. yesterday my security word for a site was finepoo Yep. finepoo. Oddly enough that is what I think of the whole security words

redeemed diva said...

irdianat is the next code word on your blog here. I felt it necessary to save some poor soul from that fate

redeemed diva said...

toroo. I can live with that.

The Keno Family said...

And wait until you have 51 year old eyes and you can't find your glasses! "pruili" I guess that's Italian for "finepoo"?

the lady of the house said...

I totally agree Doll and did you know you can go and turn them off within your Settings and Comments. Word Verification - Check NO!
I wish everyone would go do this it is extremely annoying, as you said!
Hugs, The Lady of the House

btw. mine was gurizedn - what the?

oops did it wrong... now it is quallon - go figure.