Monday, February 1, 2010

Poor Fishy #2

I'm sure I have blogged about my fish before, or atleast I blogged about getting them. Anyways a few weeks ago (llike 3?) I went and bought 3 fish to live in our livingroom as I like fish and they are the only pet that heather happily cares for while I'm at work. Well fishy #1 only lived a week and a bit then she passed away. I kinda expected this as me and fish don't have the best track record but I was still going strong cuz there were 2 left! Not to long after Fishy #1 died we thought fishy #2 died. She too was just laying on the bottom of the fish tank not moving. But when I went to get her out she started to move... ok so she's not dead! Well ever since then she just lays around the bottom of her bowl :( She only ever moves when she's swimming to the top to get food. Poor thing, I don't know what to do with her. I have such bad luck with fish... I think I need an easier pet, something a bit more hardy.

Ps. Just so you all know fishy #3 is alive, swimming and happy!

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