Monday, February 15, 2010

Ethnic Night

When Heather, Krista and I were in China town a week ago we decided that we needed to start eating more foods from other ethnicity's so we are now having ethnic nights! This week we are going to have Mexican night! I'm going to make Quesadillas on corn shells with beef strips! We're also going to have Manzana Lift! I bought it in Bulgaria and I've been waiting for a special occasion... this isn't really one but close enough! Some other ideas we have are...
  • Chinese night (Rice, Spring rolls, chop suey, sweet and sour meat of some sort and fortune cookies!)
  • Filipino night (Tocino pork and Rice)
  • Guatemalan night (Tamales!)
  • Ukrainian (Perogies and Sausages)
  • Bavarian (Schnitzel, cabbage and homemade pasta)
  • Indian (samosas)

Do you have any good ideas for an ethnic night for us?

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