Thursday, June 4, 2009

Aqua Fit here we come!

Tonight I went to my first aqua fit with Kaila. I always made fun of people who went but Kaila insisted I go with her so off I went. Turns out it's pretty fun! I can't wait to go back... so if you're up for a challenge every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30pm you can join me at the pool!


LeAnna (and David) said...

how much is it? I'm going to be in Port for at least a month and I'd definitely like to do some structured exercise while I'm back because every time I come home I end up gaining 10 pounds!

Ange said...

It's really expensive... either $90 for the mnonth or $8 each time... too bad I'm not a city resident:(

The Keno Family said...

Are you and Kaila in the back row?