Thursday, November 6, 2008

To perm or not to perm?

I'm going to be getting my first perm next month... I sound so old... and I'm trying to decide what style of one I should get here are my top 5 your vote would be much appriciated!

1) So I know this is a man but I'm thinking that I really could pull this one off...

2) the thing that really drew me to this perm was the bangs the little wave that's going on is truly amazing!
3) I really like the volume that this one has.

4) This one also has good volume but what really sticks out to me is the curl on top and the lack of curl on the bottom
5) This one is ok... not my favorite but I needed a fifth


The Keno Family said...

Well Andrea after some long, deep thinking I have to vote for number 2. I can imagine surfing up those bangs!
I am sure any perm you decide on will be more awesome than any of these!
love you Mom

The Keno Family said...