Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas, already????

So today Heather and I had some time to kill between our church breakfast and work so we stopped by the dollar store and got some stuff to decorate our house for christmas! Our intentions weren't to decorate for another week or two but I couldn't help it I love Chirstmas sooo much.... so here is our house now:

The tree pre decorations
The tree after is was deocrated
Dad look! we tied up our tree... we learned from the best!

Heather practicing for our Christmas pics tomorrow
Me spraying snowflakes on the sliding glass door... it's harder than it looks My door! I just need to clean it up some more
Heather decorating the window
After heather's window didn't work out this is what we changed it to.look at the sweet stuff you can find for a dollar!
The tree in our front yard but more importantly they christmas balls in the window
We're not nearly finished... can't wait until we are!

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