Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Quick little update on my life for you all... I'M FINISHED CLASSES!!!! I finished last night at 10pm... 3 hour night class... a great way to end the semester... now I'm suposed to be studying for my finals... ewwww... I have 2 this week, 2 early next week and I'm going home the 23rd!!!! That's right in 8 days!!!!

Looking back over this past semester I can see how much God has taught me, challenged me, and helped me along. There were times when I was just sick of it, sick of classes, sick of people, sick of hw, sick of -40 weather, and God brought me through it all and I know that I'm a weaker person becasue of it.... I realize more and more that without God I would never make it throught.

Well I can't wait to see what my sumer holds now... I know that whatever it is God is going to be right there beside me helping me through it and teaching me to rely more on him.

I better be going... I'm still sitting in bed and it's 11:30... LAZY!!! that and I'm going out for lunch at 12!

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