Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Best Resturant in the whole world....ok in Moose Jaw...

TACO DEL MAR!!!! This one was mine... rice, black beans, carne asada steak, chesse and some mild sauce (next time I'm going for the hot sauce... the mild sauce wasn't all that hit at all... which makes sense cuz it's mild... some days I'm very unsmart.
This one is diana's... she forgot to read the directions, unwrap your borrito as you eat it so it doesn't fall appart
Deana and Diana sitting at the surf board table... it felt like I was almost in mexico... it was so wonderful!

HAHAHA this was on my cup... Not only are they wonderful they are helpful!


Daughter of the King said...

Looks good, we will have to go there next year. Maybe we should make a table like that for our trailer:)

Ange said...

Heck yes! it's so good heather... they even have corn shells perfect for the celiac in your life! Love you just think in 5 months we'll be in sask... don't want to think about it I just want to come home first! Loves