Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where Have I Been???

O my goodness! Where has the past month gone??? I feel like just yesterday February ended and now it's almost April! March has been a wonderful month for so many ways! I have enjoyed watching my new, okay my only, nephew grow. Even though he is only 1 month old I can see such changes in him... his personality is already reminding me of Krista's! The weather is fianlly improving! We still have some -20 days but we have more +1 days too! With the nicer weather also comes melting snow! If you know me at al I HATE snow so this is extra wonderful for me! This month I reach my first major weight loss goal since startingWW... I am now under 200lbs! I have been struggling some with sticking to the plan but I think I've finally got over that hump and I'm ready to continue! Over the past few months my "running" had stopped. I found it so hard and I idn't enjoy it... but last week I decided that if I'm going to get that 10k in this year I need to start pushing myself! So I started up with jogging again and right away I was able to go 1 mile! When I started working out I could go about 30 seconds before I had a heart attack... now I can go 13:20 all at one time!!!! So by next month I'm hoping I'll be able to run 2 miles... 16:40...I can hope right? So that's my little last month update in a nut shell!


Daughter of the King said...
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Daughter of the King said...

so proud of you Ange! I think that you need to teach me about the WW's set up...I think it's time:)